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8:30 WorshipI come from a background of being more on the technical side of things.  I worked as an audio tech/mixer for a regional live sound/lighting/video production company a few years back, and after that worked as a system designer/integration specialist at an audio/video design and contracting company.  I still have a ton to learn about all of this stuff, but needless to say, it is something I am into, and whole heartedly believe in.

Media production in church is an area I truly get excited about.  A lot of people now are used to high quality music from their ipods and seeing flawless lighting and video production values from watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.  Whether they are conscious of it or not, they are expecting a high production value in church too.  There is a whole new generation of media savvy church goers and seekers alike that will not, and can not buy in to the mindset of “it’s church, it’s okay that it sounds muffled, that you can’t read the words on the screen that well, that the changes in lighting are quick, drastic, and shocking, etc.”

The question then must be raised: Even if people could see past our poor planning and missed cues in church, does God really deserve less than our best, or less than the secular media has to offer?  I am not saying we need to spend millions for audio/video/lighting in every corner church, but we should at least care!  Strive for excellence with what you have and seek to improve upon it in any way you can.

Help Wanted:

The Media Ministry Team at NPFUMC is an extremely important part of what we do.  If you have an interest in learning more about serving as a projection tech, audio tech, or helping handle lighting cues and fades, let me know.  We can always use more people that have a heart to serve through media and technology.  I will be glad to spend time with you from covering the basics of projection and sound to discussing the latest trends and practices of A/V/L.  Send me an email to or call at 330.556.0706 if you are interested.

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