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Taylor CloseMusic is what worship is all about, right?  No, actually, not at all.  However, it is one of the more fun, social (sometimes solitary) experiences we get to share with our brothers and sisters in Christ during a church service.  Music can bring you into a time of deep connection with God through challenging lyrics, an exclamation of praise, or just a time to let go and let God work around you through His Holy Spirit.

Worship is about letting go of ourselves and submitting to God with joy.  Submission = Joy?  I know, but with the right heart, this is where we can go together.  Giving ourselves to God and thanking Him for what He has done and who He is brings us into the mindset of worship.  Music is fun, and can help us get there, but remember that the focus is on Him.  Sometimes I will choose songs that annoy you, sometimes myself or the band will screw up.  I hate that, because it distracts the mind from worship, but remember that sometimes those moments where everything isn’t “perfect” are the best times to just quiet your mind and experience the love and power of God.  Take a second or two to thank God for who He is amidst the extremely loud, excited, off key harmony singer behind you, and I’ll bet you will find a new appreciation for the love and calm that a heart dedicated to Christ can bring.

With all that said, worship through music is still very powerful and awe inspiring when it is blessed by the presence of the Spirit.  We try to bring songs of joy and songs of meaning, while trying to avoid shallow worship songs that take the easy (rhyme) way out.  Take a chance and try to let go and exclaim your praises to God the next time we are together in worship.  Myself and the rest of the band look forward to worshiping with you.


Let me know what you thought of this weeks (or any for that matter) set list and what songs were a blessing to you or if there was any constructive criticism you may have for myself or the band.  Send over an email to

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